Accessibility for artists

Wasla online platform for
performing arts opportunities

  • The project was established in 2018 with an aim to share the opportunities suitable for the creative practitioners within the performing art scene in the Arab region through social media platforms, which are more accessible for the arab region “ facebook, Instagram”.
  • The selection of opportunities includes information about the support of the performances’ production, study programmes, artistic residencies, open calls, among others.
  • Many of the opportunities are being translated and summarized by Wasla before making them accessible to the potential beneficiaries.
  • The access to information about the opportunities is either through the in-depth research conducted by Wasla and gathered during the monthly meetings, or through the direct contacts within our vast network.
    Our social media platforms now are followed by 3000 organic followers, with average reach of 2500 per post.

PR Services

  • Due to lack of PR and Marketing services specialized in performing arts, Wasla focused on attracting Media and press, critics to the performing arts scene, to support developing, reach out and archiving the new waves for this scene in Egypt for performers and performances.
  • The first Performance is “ What the Hell Am I doing here “, Wasla created a large media campaign, attracting journalists and assuring a proper distribution of press releases. A similar PR campaign was applied a few months later when an Egyptian choreographer Karima Mansour was honored with France’s Knight Order of Arts and Letters (October 2022).our actib=vities based on our team member Mona Soliman, Who is working with press and media specially for performing arts for 13 years.
  • Currently, Wasla is in charge of the PR campaigns for four theatre troupes.